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Teaching Your Kids About Your Faith in God

It’s very important to teach your kids about your faith in God. We teach our kids about a lot of things. We teach them how to read, count, play sports, and many other things that we enjoy doing. If our faith is central to our lives, it is even more important to teach our kids about it.

According to developmental and behavioral pediatrician Dr. Mark Reysio Cruz, the best way to do this is to live by example. Whether we realize it or not, our kids are always observing us and taking their cues from how we behave. They learn more from what we actually DO, more than from what we say.

It’s never too early to start sharing about our faith in God! In this video, we talk about age appropriate ways to do this in the different stages of a child’s development.

The following are links to research studies showing how a strong faith in God can help a child’s development and mental health too!

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