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Make reading fun and help kids develop a lifelong reading habit.

Quite often, parents ask us, “When should my child learn to read?” Or, “How do I teach my child to read?” We believe that reading should be something that is fun and enjoyable. But it won’t be fun if we’re forcing kids to learn to read even before it’s developmentally appropriate. 

Also, we often have kids in school who have learning problems and are labelled “underachievers”, or sometimes people even think they are just lazy. They spend hours in after school tutorials, often sacrificing sleep just to be able to pass. Their parents have spent so much money on “reading programs”. Everyone is stressed and frustrated. When they come to our clinic, it turns out the child has a reading disorder. 

Because of these experiences, we invited Teacher Tasha Mendoza, a reading intervention specialist, to talk with us about:

  • When should kids learn to read?
  • What can we do at home to help kids develop a lifelong reading habit?
  • What are the possible signs of a reading disorder?
  • How can we help kids with reading disorders?
  • If a child as a reading disorder, why shouldn’t parents just buy any “reading program”? Why do you need a trained and certified reading intervention specialist?

Want to learn more about how to help kids learn to read? This is a great article by

For help with a possible reading disorder, visit the Facebook page of the Council of Reading Intervention Specialists.

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