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Interactions with us are the best way to develop social skills.

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Nag aalala po ba kung dapat natututo na ng alphabet o numbers ang inyong toddler? Kung dapat mag school na? Wag na po ma stress dito. Ang focus ng toddler years ay Personal, Social, and Emotional Development – at ang language skills na napag uusapan sa Mahalaga ang mga skills na ito sa success sa buhay. Pag uusapan ng dev pedia at mga mommies ang mga skills na ito, at kung kelan dapat magpakonsulta tungkol sa development ng mga bata.

Toddlers are starting to learn self-help skills, like feeding themselves. Give plenty of opportunities to practice these skills. Then you can also make it a part of skills training to help you clean up afterwards!

In these videos, we also talk about the importance of play. We shouldn’t scold them and say that they are “just playing”. That’s how kids learn! We also talk about how to help toddlers develop the very important personal, social and emotional skills.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development of Toddlers: Developmental Milestones and Red Flag Signs (Video in Taglish). We talk about behavior, play, social skills and life skills of kids 1-2 years old.

The toddler years can be a very joyful time! How can we turn the terrible two’s into terrific two’s?

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