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Looking at a computer screen for a long time can cause digital eye strain.

In this video, a pediatric ophthalmologist talks about what to do to help prevent digital eye strain. We also talk about other things we can do to help our kids have healthy eyes, and debunk common myths on eye health.

  • 5 tips on taking care of kids’ eyes even while online schooling
  • The 20-20-20 rule for preventing digital eye strain
  • Blue light (Will blue light glasses protect your kids’ eyes?)
  • Common myths and misconceptions about our eyes
  • When to have an eye check-up

We’ll also share some tips on what to do if your child needs glasses but doesn’t want to wear them. And watch until the end for a very important tip for healthy eyes!


For more information on helping kids have healthy eyes, visit the Facebook page of the Philippine Society for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.


0:00 Intro and the importance of eye health in kids’ development
2:23 Ano ang “screen time”?
3:11 What is the proper distance between your eyes and a computer screen?
4:08 What is the 20-20-20 rule for protecting your eyes?
4:45 What is the effect of blue light on sleep?
5:18 A tip to help prevent dry eyes
5:44 Kelangan ba ng blue light glasses?
6:26 Kuliti at online schooling? May connection ba ito?
6:50 Common beliefs about eye health: True or false?
7:45 Mga usapan tungkol sa salamin or corrective glasses
9:49 Anong mga pwedeng gawin kung kelangan ng bata ng salamin, at ayaw niyang isuot?
12:52 A common myth debunked!
13:17 Possible signs of common vision problems
13:32 Screen time recommendations from eye doctors and what we can do if there is prolonged screen time from online schooling
14:57 Another important tip to protect kids’ eyes
15:33 Red flag signs for vision
17:53 Kelan recommended magpa check up ng mata?
18:15 Saan pwedeng magtanong tungkol sa pag aalaga sa mata ng inyong mga anak?

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