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What are the signs of school readiness? What are the age appropriate activities for preschool kids?

“Ipapasok ko na ba sa school ang anak ko? Kelan ba dapat magsimula ng school?” These are common questions we hear as developmental pediatricians.

Here are other common questions:

Paano tulungan ang anak ko para maghanda para sa future?

Ano ang mahalaga para maging successful ang anak ko? Academics ba?

Matalino ang anak ko. OK ba kung iadvance siya sa school?

Anong mga pwedeng gawin sa bahay para tulungan ang anak ko maging ready for school?

Paano pumili ng school? Ano ang kaibahan ng traditional at progressive school?

If these are your questions, watch the video below. We also talk about five tips for preschool success (starting at 1:15) and five things you can do at home to prepare your child for preschool (starting at 8:55).

Play is very important. Kids this age learn through play!

What we talk about in this video:

  • 00:35 When should I send my child to school?
  • 5 Tips for Preschool Success starting at 1:15
  • 3:45 Predictors of success in preschool (And it’s not academic skills!)
  • 6:30 Kelan dapat magsimula ng school ang bata? Ilang taon siya dapat nasa preschool? 8:55 How to prepare your child for school
  • 5 Things to Do at Home to Prepare Your Child for School starting at 8:55
  • 10:30 Types of schools: Ano ang traditional school? Progressive school?
  • 16:45 Why it is important to have good and open communication with your child’s school
  • 18:00 Personal experiences in choosing a school: What are the things we considered?
  • 21:47 Ano pa ibang mga kelangan i-consider pag pipili ng school, at sa pag decide kung kelan ipapasok sa school?
  • 24:15 Matalino ang anak ko. Mas OK ba na ma advance o ma accelerate siya?
How do I know if my child is ready to go to school? How do I choose a preschool? What is the difference between traditional and progressive schools? What can I do to help prepare her for preschool?

To learn more about development during the preschool years, watch these videos too.

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