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Development of Baby’s Personal, Social and Emotional Skills

We’re often very excited to see when baby will learn to walk or talk. But there’s another part of baby’s development that may not be as obvious, but is just as important! These are personal, social and emotional skills. During this time, the baby’s brain is building these skills that studies have shown to be the biggest factor for success as an adult.

We talk about these skills in these videos. We also talk about what we can do to help baby’s development in these areas. Things like stranger anxiety and separation anxiety may be stressful for us, but these are actually important milestones in baby’s development.Another common question is, “Will baby be spoiled if I mind her every time she cries?” We talk about this too!

In this video, our mentor, THE pioneering developmental and behavioral pediatrician in the Philippines, Dr. Alexis Reyes, talks about how to develop baby’s social and emotional skills at home.

If you have a baby who was born this year, or you’re expecting a baby, you may be worried about how the quarantine will affect your baby’s development. Will baby miss out on experiences that will help develop social skills?

Dr. Alexis gives us a message of hope during this time. At this time in babies’ lives, what they really need is a loving, responsive and nurturing caregiver. Learn how we can do this at home, from THE authority in developmental pediatrics.

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