happy toddler running
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Toddlers are wired to explore! They enjoy practicing their new skills of walking, and then running.

Toddlers are wired to explore. When your child is running around and touching everything, he isn’t being naughty. He is simply doing what he is programmed to do, and this will help with his brain development.

At this age, toddlers don’t need to learn to write. Playing with blocks or other common objects will give them lots of opportunities to practice hand skills.

Sa video na ito, pag uusapan namin kung kelan dapat naglalakad ang mga bata. Kelan sila nakakapag takbo takbo? Kelan ma dedevelop ang tinatawag na “fine motor skills”? Pag uusapan din namin ang tinatawag na “red flag signs” na pag di pa nila nagagawa ang skills na iyon, mainam ay sabihin sa inyong doktor.

Motor Development of Toddlers: Developmental Milestones and Red Flag Signs (Video in Taglish)

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